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A responsible business and its parameters can be defined as one that conducts itself with ethical, environmental and community consideration. In addition to this, a responsible business is also a good employer and one that makes a profit. Many businesses operate responsibly daily with good practices set up to cover the mentioned areas of consideration.

Here at Home Care Preferred responsible business is at the heart at what we do! Not only are we passionate and committed to delivering the best possible care and support in the community, but Home Care Preferred are ethical and environmental. For example; the company is going completely paperless, we recycle reclaimed equipment, we offer car pool services and encourage caregivers to use public transport where possible.

Recently, Home Care Preferred have been selected by local and former MP David Burrowes for the Responsible Business Champions awards 2017! This is wonderful news for our business and shows that we are recognized in the community.

How can you create a responsible business? Use the following guidance to transform a great business into something extraordinary for those you work with and those who work for you!

–      Write a company vision, mission and policy. Describe and implement this vision in the local community, amongst your staff and suppliers and in the way in which you provide your service.

–      Adopt environmentally responsible business practices. Ensure that you include energy and water consumption, recycling and other green practices in your daily business operation.

–      Reward and value your employees. Happy employees will stay with you longer and love their jobs! Ensure each employee has a structured and clear journey of progressions throughout your business. Conduct regular meetings with them to check on their development and find out where they want to go, what they want to learn and offer opportunities where this might apply for them. You could even start to invest in healthy workplaces, promote diversity and offer opportunities for people with disabilities! You could even consider offering apprenticeships and training for junior members of staff.

–      Support your local community. Your local community probably provides you with your customers and your staff members. Get involved in local projects, host your own projects and get out there to make a difference. You can even use these opportunities as team-building exercises.

–      Finally, monitor your suppliers’ actions on these issues to ensure that the businesses you’re working with closely have the same values and missions.

You can find out more about our responsible award nomination here.

Plus, we’d love to hear how you are implementing responsible business methods into your company. Do you have any suggestions for transforming an existing business? Perhaps you’ve recently implemented ‘green’ technology or a new policy? Get in touch, email us, connect on LinkedIn or find us find us on Twitter and Facebook.

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