4 Skills You Need Before Opening A Business

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Opening a business or purchasing a franchise can have its own challenges, make sure you have these key skills mastered:

  1. Communication: Whether you’re writing a business plan in preparation to talk to a bank manager, or you’re about to meet with franchisors you’ll need to be able to master your communication skills. Later down the line, you’ll need to communicate verbally and written to suppliers, employees, and colleagues so now is the time to perfect it.
  2. Project Management: Not only will you need to manage the launch of your business idea or franchise, but you’ll also need to be able to project manage your timeline, budget, staff and more. If project management isn’t one of your top skills, consider taking a short e-course to perfect this skill as it will definitely come in handy.
  3. Delegation: Unfortunately as business owners we can’t do everything! At some point, we realise that the only way to grow the business and maintain momentum is to delegate. Consider delegating all aspects of your job that you don’t need to do yourself, for example; a book keeper could handle your finances and keep them in order, a marketing specialist could help you gain awareness before the launch of your business, a web developer can build a professional looking website. We’re not saying that you shouldn’t take on new skills and learn to code websites, but perhaps if you are under a lot of pressure a professional would be better suited to getting the job done faster.
  4. Customer Service: Ultimately customer service will be your downfall or success! Whether customers want to work with you will largely depend on how good your service is (excluding your price and product quality). Make sure to understand your customer’s needs, identify solutions and treat them well.


At Home Care Preferred we help franchisees to develop and master their skills, providing a structured approach to help them establish a successful business. Are you considering a franchise or have any tips to share? Get in touch via email nav@homecarepreferred.com. Or you could connect with us on LinkedInTwitter and Facebook.

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