The Characteristics Of A Good Franchisee

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Purchasing a franchise has some great advantages; such as working with an established brand or company and the support and advice you’ll receive from the franchisor, read more here. However, do you have the characteristics of a good franchisee to make the business a success? At Home Care Preferred we look for particular characteristics in our future franchisees, so we can be sure they are right for our brand, company and the job- find out more here. In this article we look at the core characteristics in further detail.

The first and most important trait that a franchisee should have is passion! When considering your franchise, ask yourself if you’re passionate about the sector, the industry, and the people! Running the franchise is going to be hard work, so you need to be truly invested in the business to move it forward even when you’re having an off day.

A good franchisee should understand the franchising process! If you don’t understand it then now is the time to get to know it, click here. In addition to this, understand other franchisees and their markets, take advice from them if they’ve been doing it for longer and build a support network of your own. A good franchisee is able to take criticism (good and bad) and advice.

Finally, as a franchisee you need to be able to live by and work by the rules and parameters set by the franchisor. Unfortunately, you can’t go off on a tangent changing the branding or service you are offering. There will be lots of opportunities to be creative, but changing the core foundations of the business is not one of these. Build a good relationship with your franchisor, to openly discuss aspects of the business you feel can be done differently, but learn to live by the rules they’ve set.

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