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Naz Sen, Business Development Executive talks about Home Care Preferred’s culture and why they do what they do.

You will be reading this and probably thinking that I’m about to tell you that Home Care Preferred has a superb culture and is a brilliant franchise offering, because it is my job to tell you that. Whilst it is true that Home Care Preferred has a great culture and is an exceptional franchise offering (and that it is my job to tell you), there is more; as an employee, I have an understanding of our motives as a company, an understanding gained through my own personal journey.

I joined Home Care Preferred in the summer of 2015. Fresh out of University, I was on a mission, along with thousands of other graduates, to find my calling in life and begin a fulfilling career. Like many people at 22 years of age, I didn’t have a clear idea of what field I wanted to work in, let alone what job I actually wanted to do. Not wanting to burden my parents, I decided I had better start paying my way and so after much thought and a few different interviews, I accepted a job with Home Care Preferred as an office assistant. It was at this early stage that I started to become familiar with the reasons why Home Care Preferred do what they do. During my interview, I got a strong sense that the company sought out innovation, a company that was adaptable and listened to new ideas. Ken Waterhouse (our Managing Director) and I laughed at how my family and I use a project management app to delegate house chores and suggested that I investigate implementing something similar at HCP. I decided that I would quite like to see where the company would take me.

During my time as an office assistant, I learned the ropes of the company and got a feel for the culture. I started to see why the people who worked at Home Care Preferred do what they do, and these reasons became clearer when I became a Team Leader. The role of team leader is essentially that of a senior care giver; I was providing hands-on care, conducting client assessments and overseeing the delivery of care. Interacting with clients and team members brought me a lot of joy, and it is a role I look back on doing very fondly. It was during this time that my initial thoughts about our company motives crystallised into understanding. They run deep within the company, and they are shared between every individual; from our support assistants to our care managers, our managing director and franchise owners.

It is no secret that there are a lot of good quality providers in the home care space and while outstanding quality is one of the things that we provide at a grassroot level, it is driven by something much deeper.

Home Care Preferred exists in order to push forward the way that people think about home care. We are a group of like-minded individuals, with a passion for the sector, who also deeply care about its perception by the public. We recognise that that perception is based on past tribulations, and we want to change that through innovation, best practice and outstanding customer support, among other things.

When we look for franchise owners, we are not necessarily looking for individuals who have experience in the sector, nor are we looking for individuals with exceptional business acumen. These are the areas that we, as a franchisor, are here to help you with. We are looking for people who share our vision of social care fit for the modern age, one that treats its recipients with dignity and compassion. We are looking for people who recognise that the people administering the support are deserving of care and compassion in equal measure to the clients that we provide care for, and that they should be adequately remunerated for the challenging, selfless work they dedicate themselves to.

So, if Home Care Preferred sounds like your kind of franchise, please get in touch. We would love to hear your story.

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