Word-of-Mouth Recommendations Are Free Exposure For Your Business

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As a new business or franchise owner, you will know that the best marketing tactics and biggest advertising budgets will only take you so far. Hopefully, a large part of your business will be generated via word-of-mouth recommendations! And why not? Because, if you get it right, it is a fantastic way to grow your business, plus it’s free!

According to Neilsen; “92% of consumers believe suggestions from friends and family more than they do advertising”*. With that in mind, all new businesses and franchise owners should do their best to increase their word of mouth recommendations. Use these tips to help:

Be Honest

We all know that ‘honesty is the best policy’, so be honest with your customers. If your product or service isn’t quite right for them, let them know. As a result, they will value your opinion and share their experience with their friends and family.

Customer Service

Provide a service that you would expect to receive yourself. After all, ‘you get what you give’ so, give the best possible service to receive great recommendations back.

Listen More

Take time to listen to your customers’ needs and then (most importantly) use that information to serve them better. We’ve all been “sold at” by a shop owner or sales rep, there’s no need to be that person. Listen to your customers, offer honest opinions and serve them according to their needs (not yours!).

Provide Interest

Give customers something interesting to remember you by. Whether it’s your service, your product or even the experience of shopping with you, provide something that they will remember to share.


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*Source: Neilsen 2017

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