4 Tips To Help You Succeed As A Manager

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Franchise business owners and entrepreneurs alike will understand the struggle of opening a new business. Not only will you need to launch the business, finance it and promote it, but you will also need to recruit and train your staff. Once your up and running, use these tips to help you succeed as a new manager, become a great boss and keep a happy, committed team.

Set The Right Example: As a manager or boss, your team will look up to you for guidance, advice and how to get things done. Set the right example at all times; from arriving on time to the office, to managing customer expectations and producing great work. Show them how you want things done and make sure to stick to the rules you have set.

Make Decisions: As a manager, it is your responsibility to make decisions. Ensure you are making them right by being well informed and understanding the whole picture. Most importantly, do not keep changing your mind and do not make decisions under pressure.

Delegate Well: Whilst you should get “stuck in” and do the work yourself rather than expecting your team to pick up your workload for you, make sure to delegate the right tasks at the right time. As a manager or boss, you are not expected to take on all the tasks of the business. Make sure to spread them out across your team based on their skill set.

Check-In: Reporting and meeting with your team is a great way to keep on track, just avoid getting bogged down in meetings with every member of your staff. Consider frequent check-in’s with your direct reports and catch up with other staff members on a weekly or monthly basis. Make sure your direct reports are managing their own teams with your vision and instruction, not your supervision.

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