It’s Not Too Late: Achieve Your 2018 Goals Now

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It’s Not Too Late: Achieve Your 2018 Goals Now


As the end of the year draws near, we all start to panic a little. We analyse unfulfilled goals and resolutions and think about how to do better next year. Whilst right now may be the perfect time to ignore 2018’s goals, move on and start planning a successful 2019 (hint: read this article on planning), it’s important to finish what you started, evaluate your current situation and make a start on those bigger goals that will help you to achieve success.


Here are our tips to help you wrap up the year and kick-start the next. By achieving those remaining goals you will be able to position yourself to achieve success, open a franchise or even launch your business:


Take a stock check

Before getting started, start by reviewing the year so far. What have you achieved? What did you not achieve (yet)? How has your year been so far? What would you have done differently? Would you have liked to make more progress in a particular area of your life or towards a business goal? However disappointing your year may have been, it’s important to be very honest with yourself and understand the current situation before moving forward.


Income vs expenses

Just as you would in business, understanding your personal finances will really help you to invest in a franchise or launch a startup. Start by reviewing your income and expenses throughout 2018. Did you manage to save or put aside any money that you can invest or cover startup costs? Did you have a lot of expenses? Summarise all aspects of your personal finances and start making a list of any adjustments you can put in place for the remainder of 2018. Even the smallest change now can help you make progress in 2019.


Create a plan

Rather than focusing on your routine and daily tasks, start allocating time in your diary to finish (or make a start) on this year’s goals. Think about how much time you need and realistically build this in. Your plan should be achievable but not overwhelming. If you can only make a start towards a particular goal this year, that’s ok.


Look ahead

Once you have a clear picture of what you were able to achieve (and what you did not achieve) it’s time to start looking ahead. Which of these resolutions and business goals will help set you up for a successful 2019? Can your finances support these goals and what changes or improvements will you need to start making? Create a list of goals and costs that you can work on for the remainder of 2018 to position yourself on the path to success next year. Once you are satisfied with your progress, get started on planning 2019! Read our helpful tips here:

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