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3 Reasons Why You Should Own A Franchise Business

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Starting your own business can be hard! In today’s world, entrepreneurs are struggling to balance work life, family, social and other commitments. Throw in a new business, finding clients, building a website, and then managing your projects and it can become quite overwhelming! Enter franchising! Picking a franchising opportunity can give you both the financial stability you want from life, the desire to own and run your own business whilst also offering lots of other perks such as support from the parent company.

Here are our top three reasons why you should consider owning a franchise business:

1. Quicker (and often better) Success Rates. A franchise business will have spent years perfecting how they do business. They will have made all of the mistakes a business owner will encounter and figured out along the way what works particularly well in bringing in more sales of their product or service. Purchasing a franchise business means you’ll receive all of this knowledge and can benefit from it. You won’t need to figure it all out on your own, spend months trying to make your first paycheck. Here at Home Care Preferred, we’ve spent five years perfecting our business before going into the franchise market so that business prospects looking to purchase a franchise don’t have to!

2. Support. A good franchise business will be able to give you support in areas of the business where you might struggle. The operational staff at the HQ will be able to assist and advise with staffing, HR and legal issues. Plus, you’ll have the benefit of using their marketing team whenever you need to put together new projects and campaigns. The support you receive from the parent business is invaluable! It means you don’t have to spend time finding the support elsewhere and you’re free to carry on doing what you’re great at- running the company!

3. Reduced Risks. Setting up a new business or launching a new idea has many risks attached to it! However, finding a great parent business, doing your research and understanding how it works will give you a pretty good insight into the future of your own franchise within that company. The hard work has been done for you! Of course, you can’t just go off and take six months of leave without doing any work at all (or maybe you can, it depends on the franchise!). But, by following the company’s guidelines and advice you could be running your own successful business in no time and at a reduced risk of opening a brand new business.

Are you considering purchasing a franchise? We’d love to hear your reasons for going into business in this way! Get in touch, email us, connect on LinkedIn or find us find us on Twitter and Facebook.

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