New Year, New You, New Focus!

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How often have you heard someone say ‘new year, new me’? Or, perhaps you have even made that promise to yourself only to start losing focus by February and perhaps already breaking some of your resolutions? Every year starts with so much promise, but by the end of January, the hope of completing a list of resolutions has been lost. Usually, the reason for this is that we set big goals and fail to plan accordingly in order to achieve them.

Say for example; you wanted to run a marathon this year? You wouldn’t just sign up a few weeks before the event without putting in the proper training, working out regularly and eating right! It’s not possible to perform well (or for most of us even run a great distance such as a marathon) without planning in some training for the big event. Why should becoming self-employed be any different? If this year you plan to become self-employed then don’t fail your own resolution before you’ve even begun! It’s time to knuckle down, focus and plan the road to success. Not sure where to begin? Here’s your start:

  1. Review your strengths and weaknesses

Understanding these will ultimately help you devise a plan for success as you work out where you might need help to set up your business or invest in your new franchise.

  1. Learn from others

Your franchisor will be able to offer helpful advice and tips on how you can plan the road ahead and get started. Taking advice from others who have been there and done it will surely help you plan accordingly. If you are starting out on your own, aim to learn as much as you can about your industry, market and potential business so you are well prepared.

  1. Find your passion

Starting a business can be one of the most rewarding things to do, but whilst not all passions might be financially savvy it’s important to still love what you are getting into. After all, this will be the job you hold for the rest of your life (potentially). At Home Care Preferred we are passionate about people and providing quality care in the community so even when we have a bad day (of which, there will always be many) we are able to pick ourselves up and get back on track to delivering our goals and making a difference to people’s lives. If you feel the same way, then a franchise business in care could be right for you. Read more here.

  1. Give yourself the tools

Give yourself the tools you need to be able to achieve your goals of becoming self-employed. At Home Care Preferred, we equip our franchise business owners with the tools they need to open their business successfully. From software to training and even staff recruitment, we are on hand to take you from pre-launch to startup with steps, goals and a plan. Once you’ve launched, the franchise business team continue to provide support on a monthly basis to help you grow your business further and take it to the next level.

Want to find out more about our franchise business opportunities or have a passion for the care industry? Read this to find out more about the franchising process and get in touch with the team, here.

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