Finding The Perfect Work-Life Balance As A New Business Owner

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As a new business owner or franchise owner, it can be difficult to find the perfect work-life balance. Often you are pulled in many directions from launching the business, day-to-day tasks, to your home life, social activities, looking after the kids and just seeing friends. It can be a challenge to juggle the two parts of your life and often entrepreneurs feel guilty when they are relaxing as they have huge to-do lists and also feel guilty when they are working as they are not able to spend time with family and friends. Here are our tips for balancing work and life:

Find a routine that works

Decide whether you’re an early bird or a night owl. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to be both without experiencing some kind of burn-out. Pick a routine that works for you – if you have family commitments that you need to attend to in the evening, work earlier in the morning to get in some productive hours, or late at night. If you need to incorporate school runs into your day, consider working around these and take a break when you need to pop out. Whatever works best for you is the best routine to create to ensure you’re getting the best of both worlds.

Schedule and structure your day

Having a huge to-do list is a normal part of being an entrepreneur, the trick is to stay organised and structure your day according to the hours you have available in your routine. We like to categorise tasks into one of the four time management quadrants:

Important and Urgent – Crises and Emergencies.

Important but Not Urgent – Prevention, Planning, and Improvement.

Not Important but Urgent – Interruptions and Busy Work.

Not Important and Not Urgent – Time Wasters.

Schedule the most important tasks in your diary to avoid missing deadlines and make sure to plan ahead. Hint: Check out this blog on how to save time throughout your day.

Take regular breaks

It might sound counterproductive when you have a long to-do list and have to balance your family or social life, but taking enough regular breaks throughout your day will help you to stay motivated and work more productively by refreshing the mind. If you need some help stay motivated, read this.

Take holidays

Many entrepreneurs struggle to step away from the office and take some annual leave. In the digital age of smartphones and tablets, it can be tempting to take work away with you. Make sure to plan holidays with less screen time to really give your mind a chance to recharge, if you can completely switch off from technology – that would be even more beneficial.

Set boundaries

When you’re at home with family, be just at home and when you’re at work have your mind completely focused on the task at hand. It’s important to set yourself boundaries and to keep to them. Allowing work and life to merge into one can lead to you feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. Make sure to switch off from work at a set time so that you can fully appreciate your time spent on social activities.

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