How to start a business that gives back to the community

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Franchise Owners, Prince and Irene are Home Care Preferred’s newest franchisees. They are looking to launch their new business in Milton Keynes.


Prince, who is a seasoned academic has worked in construction as well as the care sector and later taught at Bedfordshire University, is keen to support the community with a business he is passionate about. He will be joined in the venture by his wife Irene who has a BSc in Health and Social care.


The husband and wife partnership have ambitious goals. We caught up with them to discuss their plans and reasons behind opening a franchise business.


Why did you decide to invest in a franchise business?

P: We wanted to give back to the community with our knowledge and experience. We considered starting on our own, but it didn’t make sense. It was more feasible to invest in a well-established business.


How did you come across Home Care Preferred?

P: I initially looked up various franchise options online and sent an inquiry to HCP. From our very first call-back, I knew there was something different about the company compared to others I had spoken to. They took the time to explain the process and tell me more about the business. I liked them from the start.


What appealed to you about Home Care Preferred?

P: To be honest, I think it was the values! I have many of my own and these aligned very well with HCP. If there is one thing I try to do in my private life, it’s going the extra mile and that’s exactly what HCP do. They make the work, worthwhile and they do it with passion.


How did you decide on the area to launch your franchise business?

P: Although we live about 30 minutes drive from Milton Keynes, we spoke to the HCP franchise team and decided that it was more commercially viable to open in the city. Milton Keynes is a very vibrant city, filled with plenty of economic activities so it made sense for us.


What strengths do you each bring to the business?

P: Irene will be the Care Manager for our new business once she has finished her qualification. I [Prince], will be looking after the operations of the business, securing leads and managing the day-to-day tasks.


What do you feel the main challenge is of becoming franchise owners?

P: The hardest part was identifying the support needed to open the franchise, but HCP were very good at helping with this. The rest is just hard work and making the right decisions.


If you were starting again in the franchise process, is there anything you would change?

P: No! Speaking to everyone at HCP I have no reason to raise any concerns. They give me the exact support I need and I’m very happy with the team and how they have brought us on board.


Finally, what advice would you give someone considering a franchise?

P: Be prepared to work very hard and listen to your franchisor’s opinions and valuable knowledge. Opening a franchise business is a learning curve, but you should build your relationship with your franchisor on trust. Use their support and trust their decisions as they know best.


To find out more about a Home Care Preferred franchise business, get in touch here or continue to read another interview from one of our franchise business owners here.

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