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In our monthly series, we’re continuing to delve into Home Care Preferred’s core roles to find out what our employees love and find challenging about their jobs (read more in our previous interview here). We’re giving you a unique insight into the business, so you can understand what motivates us and how you could implement a similar passion into your own Home Care Preferred Branch.

This month we spoke with mum, wife and Community Relations Manager, Kiah Nicolas (the lovely lady on the left in the picture above). A new starter, Kiah has only been in the business since November 2017. As the new face of Home Care Preferred we were interested to hear more.

What appeals to you about working at Home Care Preferred?

K: I had previously worked in the charity sector but was looking to change to a more fulfilling hands-on role. Home Care Preferred really stood out to me, it is founded on strong values and has an honest commitment to the local community.

Can you explain more about what a CRM does?

K: I am the face of the business outside the office. I meet professional clients on a daily basis; I put on events and work with them to raise funds and awareness in the community. I am involved in the overall marketing and advertising, which is very exciting. I also spend a lot of time taking enquiries from people’s loved ones and help them to book assessments with our team.

What does a normal day look like for you?

K: My role is very centered around meetings so as soon as I get to the office I check what meetings I have that day. I then follow up on any enquiries and check our management systems. I help with social media (and overall marketing) and create content for our blogs and newsletters. I spend a lot of time visiting the local area, I introduce myself to local businesses and hand out information packs to promote Home Care Preferred.

What do you like most about working at Home Care Preferred?

K: It’s very friendly, I really enjoy the working environment and team spirit. It is encouraging to be able to contribute with my own ideas and see them implemented.

What do you find most challenging about your role?

K: I find it challenging to find time to fit everything in my day. Information about my enquires needs to be inputted into the system and the right material sent out so I need to be very organised and manage my own time effectively.

How do you feel about the company ethos and use this within your role?

K: It’s very important to my role. I represent the company when meeting people in the local community, they not only recognise me but know Home Care Preferred too, so it’s very important that I am able to represent the ethos and vision well.

Finally, what advice would you give to another CRM at Home Care Preferred?

K: Stay on the ball, and always be confident when meeting people. You are the face of the business so it’s important to be professional at all times.

Are you considering a Home Care Preferred franchise business or do you have a question for Kiah? Get in touch via email or our online contact form here.

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