How To Stay Motivated As A New Franchise (Or Business) Owner

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Making the jump from corporate career to business owner can be a difficult one. One of the first things you might notice is the lack of support you have around you, the responsibility to motivate yourself and the requirement to plan your own day, goals and tasks. Afterall, without a boss or manager, you’re left to your own devices to develop the business in your own way.

Whilst many entrepreneurs we come across have no a problem with working on (or even in) their own business, we see one of their main challenges is motivation. The business owner may lack the motivation needed to drive their business forward because they are worried about failing, lack the skills needed or perhaps feel they have little confidence in making the big decisions for their business.

A business not only requires your time and dedication but it requires the support of a team. Your team should cover the skills you don’t have, give you the guidance when you need it and support you as an entrepreneur to make sure you are on track. The rest is up to you. Use these tips to help you stay motivated.

Create a routine:

As a corporate employee, the routine would have probably been set for you (whether you noticed it, or not). The only thing you had real control over was your morning, your evening and of course, the daily commute. As an entrepreneur, you now own all the time in your day. Set aside some time each Monday morning to plan your week, list goals, tasks, meetings and even social activities. Create your own weekly routine to set yourself up for a productive week ahead.

Do things you love:

As an entrepreneur, you now have the freedom to enjoy a newfound work-life balance. Perhaps you might like to exercise, meditate or take a walk in the morning or at lunchtime. Or, maybe you would like to spend more time relaxing with your friends and family in the evenings. It’s important to get the work-life balance right. If you’ve been working towards a busy deadline, recognise if you’re feeling a little tired and take a day off or, build in some enjoyable and sociable activities into your daily routine to break up the daily grind.

Take inspiration from others:

If you need a little break to clear your head and find some inspiration, read some business articles (like these), or join a networking or meetup group with likeminded entrepreneurs. These groups will leave you feeling motivated, determined and you’ll probably pick up a few business tips too when you visit.

Get some support:

Get in touch with your business mentor or franchisor to get the support you need. If you are struggling with a difficult decision ask those who have experience in this field. At Home Care Preferred, we offer weekly calls and monthly face-to-face meetings to ensure that you stay on track and we can guide you every step of the way. Although you might be a business owner, you’ll never feel like you are working completely on your own. Find out more about what we offer our franchise business owners – here.

How do you motivate yourself as an entrepreneur? Get in touch.

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