Welcoming a new franchise to the fold- Home Care Preferred Bromley

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Home Care Preferred’s newest franchise owners Karen and Quentin have a bold ambition to give back to their local community by starting their very own home care business in Bromley.

Karen Scott and Quentin Wright moved to the United Kingdom from New Zealand in late 2018. Karen has personal and professional experience of healthcare, her previous occupation was as a radiographer, meaning that she has spent considerable time working in hospitals and closely with other healthcare professionals. Whilst Karen’s work as a radiographer never exposed her directly to care in the community, her personal circumstances have. Karen’s mother was the primary care giver for her grandparents and this experience was what first introduced Karen to the importance of community healthcare services.

Quentin, Karen’s husband has experience running several successful businesses. His background was initially in agriculture, working in farming in New Zealand. He later become that National Chairman of the Potato Farmers Federation. Like many, Quentin has spent time caring for his parents in their older age and so understands the complexities of work in the care sector.

Together, Karen and Quentin have started their own Home Care Preferred franchise. Their ambition is to give back the community that welcomed them after they immigrated from New Zealand. Joining them on their path to success is their first recruit and experienced Care Manager Raaj Purohit.

Raaj is a motivated, intelligent and driven care professional. After spending time working as a care manager in a specialist residential setting Raaj, decided to move on to a new challenge. He is determined to help grow Home Care Preferred in Bromley and provide the high-quality levels of support that customers have come to expect from the group.

The Home Care Preferred Bromley team have an exciting and bright future ahead of them and have just received their registration from the Care Quality Commission. You can follow their journey at www.homecarepreferred.com/bromley

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