How much money will I need to open a Home Care Preferred franchise?

The total investment required will be from £95,000. We enjoy good relationships with the major Banking Groups, who are often willing to lend up to 50% of the total investment required.

Therefore you will contribute from 50% as your stake in the investment requirement.

Who are the potential clients?

Anybody with a care requirement is a potential client. In addition to older people, there is a substantial opportunity to provide care to younger adults including people with learning disabilities and brain injury.

Do I need to know how to run a business?

Our training programme will teach you everything you need to know about running the business and developing it. We look for people with commitment, drive and enthusiasm – we can teach you the rest.

Is franchising the best option for me?

Franchising has a lot of advantages over starting a business from the ground up – you will be using an existing and proven business format, which reduces risk. You will also benefit from our support, training and extensive experience in the sector to accelerate your success.

This franchise has already worked and been tested in the market, which often makes it the best option for prospective business owners.

Will my business succeed?

In business there are no guarantees of success, but your franchise should be successful if you follow the system provided. It has already worked within this industry and continues to do so for our other franchise owners.

You can be sure that:

  • The Home Care Preferred system works
  • The business has good potential, both based on experience gained to date and projections for care requirements in the future
  • There is a substantial number of potential clients across the UK
  • The number of potential clients will only rise as the population ages
  • Home Care Preferred only grants franchises to those considered able to develop it successfully
  • We will support you in every way

While it is a proven business model, it will only work with your commitment and hard work, especially in the early stages.

What is the growth potential of a Home Care Preferred franchise?

The Home Care Preferred business model has been developed to meet both current and growing markets. The opportunities in every territory are extensive. Speak to people and it seems everyone knows someone who needs care and this makes the opportunities huge.
The business can increase revenue and profits month on month with an ever growing customer base. This means there is potential to keep developing the business and the size of the growth depends on how big you want it to get.