Invest in Home Care Preferred

Become a Home Care Preferred Investor

If you are looking to see your money grow and contribute to a worth while cause, an investment in a Home Care Preferred branch could be the right thing for you.

Why Invest in Home Care Preferred

Home Care Preferred has a proven track record of excellence. We are a fast-growing company that is changing the face of care in the UK

We are committed to ethical business practices. We make sure that we are transparent in all aspects of our business.

We are a British home care provider with a focus on private social care which has been described as a growth sector in the UK.

Home Care Preferred is a unique business model. We are the UK’s first one stop shop for care providing hands on care support to our clients along with daily living aids and a sign posting service to ancillary services in the community. We know that integrated service provisions is the future of care as more and more people opt to stay in their own homes and receive care. The UK demographic clearly indicates a huge market for our services and this makes it a very lucrative investment opportunity.

Who is our investment for?


  • A person who wants to produce a reliable source of income
  • A person who wants to be a part of an exciting ethical brand
  • A person who wants to give back to their local community
  • A person who wants to be at the innovative and cutting edge of one of the fastest growing sectors in the UK