Looking to immigrate to the UK?

If you are looking to move to the UK on a Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa a Home Care Preferred Franchise is the answer!

Why a Home Care Preferred Franchise

Our Franchise Model is Perfect for Migrants

Whilst entrepreneurs from abroad looking to open a franchise in the UK are usually declined for an entrepreneurial visa, Home Care Franchises are favoured by the Home Office. In the UK there is a shortage of the type of quality support that Home Care Preferred provides.
We have expert knowledge on how the healthcare system works in the UK and will be able to easily guide you through the regulation with our refined processes and cutting edge systems.

We are the first choice for entrepreneurial migrants looking to start a business in the care sector


  • We have contacts with superb immigration specialists who can help support you on your path to an entrepreneur visa
  • We have worked with individuals migrating to the UK before
  • A multicultural team: we are a diverse group and love to learn about new cultures
  • We are a friendly company ready to assist you along your path to success


Benefits of the Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa:

  • Visa allows you to run one or multiple Home Care Franchise in the UK
  • Your partner and children can apply with you
  • Your partner has full work and study rights in the UK
  • Any children are able to attend state school free of charge and work once they reach the age of 16
  • Full and free access to the National health service
  • Permanent Status for the whole family in 3-5 years
  • British Nationality for the whole family within 6 years
  • Travel up to 6 months per year without any impact on your status