Our Story

The Home Care Preferred story

It was while helping his mum Velma care for his terminally ill step-dad Bob that Ken Waterhouse’s views on long term care began to change. With the perception of home care in the UK hitting an all-time low in 2011 as cases of abuse made the headlines, Ken decided to try to change things by setting up a new company, Home Care Preferred.

Amongst the problems Ken found whilst caring for his loved one was obtaining equipment and advice on related care services such as where to acquire essential equipment needed when caring for someone at home.  This led Ken to incorporating Independent Living Equipment and an advisory service within the Home Care Preferred business.

Pairing his 32 years’ experience working in the retirement sector with a new conviction that most people would prefer to be cared for in their own homes, Ken established the first branch of Home Care Preferred in London.

Ken started in the care sector in 1987 when he opened his first care home. Since then he has owned and operated award winning care environments before launching his first domiciliary care service, Home Care Preferred.

 Since Home Care Preferred started the company has gone from strength to strength receiving many awards including the prestigious Health Care Investor “Best Home Care Provider 2016”

During steady growth the focus has always been on striving towards an excellent standard of care and delivering a highly personal service.

The vision of Home Care Preferred is to grow the organisation with a network of high quality management franchises in suitable locations throughout the United Kingdom.